Hi, I'm Tim Johnson, and despite all Internet evidence to the contrary, I'm not a cat.

I've been meaning to spin up a blog like this for a while.  I used my previous blog, A Taste of PowerShell, to document tough things I learned as I was teaching myself the language.  It got a moderate amount of traffic, not enough to quit my day job, but enough that I knew there were some people out there benefiting from the things I've learned.

I'm starting this blog because I don't use PowerShell as much in my current position, and I wanted to be able to do the same thing, but in a more general sense.

A little background on me: as of this post I've been working in IT for about 14 years, starting out as a temp walking mom & pop propane shops through applying Y2K patches to their NT4 workstations (no really), and working my way up through various jobs up through Senior Windows Administrator.  Recently I started working in the Client Platform Hardening group in Information Security, and I'm branching out from Windows, but I still have a lot of expertise in that area that I'd like to share, and if all goes well, maybe get some feedback that I can learn from as well.

So here's to learning, and sharing, and doing a small part to keep foreheads off of desks and squarely on shoulders where they belong.

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